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Preparándose para la que será su edición más grande hasta el momento y con una increíble expansión a tres días de carnaval, EDC Orlando continúa agregando experiencias y actividades para complacer hasta a los más exigentes y sorprender a todos aquellos leales fans que a lo largo de la década han acompañado al festival.

Entre las nuevas adiciones que tendrá el carnaval eléctrico en la costa este se encuentran ANIMA, PARALUNA y PIXEL FOREST, tres instalaciones de arte que hicieron su debut este año en Las Vegas. Además, hace unas horas se anunció el cartel que será parte del Wide Awake Art Car en el Tinker Field de Orlando, Florida.

Si quieres conocer más sobre las nuevas adiciones de EDC Orlando, checa a continuación una a una de las sorpresas que nos esperan bajo el cielo eléctrico del 8 al 10 de noviembre.



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“To the boy that held my hand under the spinning light: 💫👫 This was my favorite spot all weekend and I was finally taking my best friends to go see it on night 3. I was basically sprinting over because I saw there was a big wide open space right in the middle, what could be better? Our feet hit the grass instantaneously, we both looked up, shrugged, and you said ‘wanna lay down?’ … I happily agreed. You had a boyish grin that made your eyes light up. Anyway, you asked if you could hold my hand…I said sure. I told you I was gonna cuddle you because… hell… sometimes a good cuddle is all I need ESPECIALLY after a long weekend. Your voice was raspy due to all the singing and you said you had lost your friend. You proceeded to tell me that my eyes were pretty. I disagreed because they’re just brown… you turned to me and said yours were too and we just laughed. You commented on my warm smile… even though I’m self conscious about my crooked teeth (of course you didn’t know that). You told me how you used to match your parent’s breathing when you were a little boy snuggling with them in bed. I followed with ‘that’s exactly what I do when I’m trying to connect with someone.’ And then we just laid there holding hands, nuzzling, breathing in sync… letting the light play between our finger tips as the music crescendoed. You squeezed my hand tight and I burrowed my face into your neck, I felt so much peace. To be honest, I think I was watching the delight move across your face more than I was watching the show. When it was over we were meant to go our separate ways (I was going to Illenium and you had your heart set on Diplo). I remember being surprised by how tall you were… you continued to hold my hand just a little longer as we collected ourselves. Finally, we hugged, traded Kandii (the one you gave me read ‘into the AM’), and gave each other a peck on the cheek. Then it was over. You showed me kindness, warmth, and that it really is the little things in life that connect us all. Thank you for sharing this with me… I’m happy that we both found each other in that little blip of time…” – timetravelingwalrus / Reddit #EDCLV2019 #Paraluna

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Wide Awake Car

The Wide Awake Art Car lineup is here! 🎶🦉 Experience one of our signature art cars at #EDCOrlando, coming all the way…

Posted by Electric Daisy Carnival – EDC Orlando on Monday, October 7, 2019

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